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The official currency of Brazil is the BR. The most popular BR exchange rate is the BR to US rate but conversions to other currencies such as the CA, EUR, and CH are increasingly sought-after. The symbol used for the BR is R$. In the matrix you’ll see how BR compares to the CN, JP, and more in currency conversion and exchange rates. The central bank for the BR is called the Central Bank of Brazil. The BR is becoming one of the more popularly-traded currencies in the financial world.

BR Information

Currency Breakdown
1/100 = 1 centavo

Symbols for the BR
BR: R$ Cent: c

Nicknames for the BR
None available

1c, 5c, 10c, 25c, 50c

Bank Notes
R$ 1, R$ 2, R$ 5, R$ 10, R$ 20, R$ 50, R$ 100

Central Bank
Central Bank of Brazil